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YEAR 2001




December 2000, January 2001 Page 294

 Bruce noticed people moving around in the woods wearing camouflage. He climbed out of his deer stand and into his sons.  After he got his son out of the stand they swarmed them. Several people dressed in camouflage and carrying rifles.  None of them wearing any orange even though it was deer season and it is the law to wear orange. Also rifles are not allowed during deer season. The only one that had a uniform on was the Pike County Sheriff.  They claimed they were there to serve a warrant for me.  But is sounded like a planned murder. If they wanted to arrest me you would think that they would of waited for me to go to the trailer or stopped me in the middle of the road when I was coming or going.  Not in the woods where they hoped I would by harmed deer hunting.  Bruce said he wondered why he hadnít seen a deer all day.

March 2001 Page 295

March 2001 Page 295a

 In March I drove to Hooheson, Kansas and talked to Chris Alexander. He was staying with a friend.  He said he had been to Joplin a couple of weeks earlier. His friend and another guy road up there with him. He warned them about hot the town was before. They left Kansas.  They laughed at him and didnít believe him. He said that their first stop was at my shop.  I wasnít there so they left.  As soon as they left my building, they stopped at two other places and were followed to both. The people with him got scared so they decided to head back to Kansas. His friend said I didnít believe what Chris had told him about Joplin but he does now and he is never planning on going back.  If this kind  of shit doesnít bother do nothing.  If you decide to investigate if be careful and donít be caught alone. Be cautious any sign of an investigation they shut down completely.  But maybe someone else was watching the whole thing.  When I asked the FBI guy Bart Starkey in June if he was in line too

March 2001 Page 295b

 His answer was you wouldnít of known if we were following you to and in order to know when Darel moved he had to of known where he was in March. Several little things went on around me to make me think that they were watching. If so I know why they didnít shut it down they wanted everybody. I have thought a lot about this lately.  Several of the towns that I went to have and had people from their seem to join have had big bust.  I know they wouldnít of had to follow the ones from Joplin long to find reason for a major drug bust. The kitchen though is lately when I hear about a big bust in the towns of Springfield, Camiden, Hannible, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Grove, and Miami they seem to say how long the investigation was going on and most of them seem to have started in December 1999 or January or February of 2000. About the same time I was running up and down the road their towns were calling several people saying to call the FBI. I wonder if the people in these other towns would like to know that Joplin knew about all this plus the fact that there were cameras in my van.  Maybe thatís what Renay meant by they are worried about war.  Fear the other towns will find out.

A couple of weeks later I called Chrisís house to ask what had happened. Misty answered and said Chris was already out.  And that she didnít get charged. I couldnít resist I had to stop and hear their story.  Chris said they hardly took anything. They didnít get his stuff in the foosball table. Misty said they left several pipes with residue on them, one on the dining room table and two in the computer room.  They also left two pounds of black iodine crystals in a jar in the computer room. One cop picked it up and set it back down. Misty said that they also left all the dope in the bedroom.  She said they called her out of the bedroom, she didnít realize what was going on she didnít even get a change to hide it.  She couldnít believe what all they left  They took Chris and let her stay at the house she had company.  About thirty minutes later she gave him everything that the cops had left to get rid of.  I asked if they took their computer.  They said they never touched it but they (Chris and Misty) took almost all the stuff that was on there off of it.

January-April 2001 Page 296

Welfare did take their kids though.  Chris said it was kind of a blessing. They had a chance to get him bad.  But because they overlooked so much he was grateful and wasnít planning on giving them another chance, he claimed. I figured since his computer was all cleaned up that he had probably got busted for letting me mess with it. A few weeks later I got a hold of a police complaint center and complained about the Pike County Sheriff along with turning my attorney Andrew Schwana and Bret Irving the prosecuting attorney in Illinois into the bar association.

I hadnít noticed anyone following me for awhile so in the first week of April I thought it was my chance to take a break from it.  I left Debbieís house in Republic to go to an appointment with Phil Glades. He called before I left and asked Debbie it I was coming alone.  I took Debbieís car in case they would be watching for me.  I drove to my sonsí house and told them I would be back in a couple of hours.  Then left to go to my appointment with Phil Glades.

April 2001 Page 297

I drove past his office because I noticed two cop cars parked close by and one driving past. I thought I noticed a couple of undercover cops across the street on the walk path.  I drove past and went over to Chrisís house.  I stayed there for a couple of hours then drove back over to the back of my shop.  There the field on bryers. I went into the back of the shop and took out a couple of syringes and drew out about a pint of my blood. I left some blood on the floor of my shop and then got in Debbieís car. I put blood all over my hands; I grabbed her steering wheel in several places. I left blood on the gearshift lever and on the windows, the door handles, and the concel, all over about a pint of it. I drug my feet so it would look like someone got drugged from the car.  I slipped through the field on the Branch that ran through it.  I worked my way through the alleyís to the bus station bought a ticket under a different name and took off.  I had taken off a couple of times before to try and get an investigation started. 

April, May, June 2001 Page 298

But no one reported it.  I thought this would do the trick for sure. I stayed gone for over two months in homeless shelters in other states using different names.  I couldnít believe it when I found out two months later that nobody had reported me missing. I wondered who cleaned up the blood, everybody was worried to death but nobody filed a report. Am I the only one that thinks this is strange? I took a bus back to Debbieís. I stopped and talked to Shelly Craybaugh she said Sussie was dead.  The girl that had worn a wire to get Army busted and had snitched on Mike Straight. A car accident, what goes around comes around.  What do you know another convenient accident. Larry, Debbieís cousin was also dead, she had turned in Dennis. I stopped by Renayís, the neighbor said, she is gone and she didnít know where she moved too.  They havenít killed me yet I guess they donít want and investigation obviously.  They think the feds are watching me for now. In the mean time most of the ones that got busted seem to be getting out with not much more than a slap on the wrist.June 2001

Page 299

 I guess they were rewarded for not talking. Sentences seem to be different in other areas of the country.  How can a person disappear under those circumstances and not have a missing person report filed?  Easy nobody wants and investigation.  I donít think it would have made any differences if my body had been in the car. It would have been removed and hid and the mess would still be cleaned up.  I wonder how many other lives have been taken that I havenít heard about. Is this why our forefathers fought for this country to become. The drug problems can be stopped anytime but as long as powerful peoples pockets are being lined drugs, murder, prostitution and crime will continue to run rapid.  Until it gets to the point where the whole country is ran like Joplin area. The little guys succeed in but not part of it pays the price for everybody.  With what I have seen in the last couple of years my whole outlook had changed. When people that were in jail or are in jail and say their innocent, they were set up I believe itís possible.

Page 300    

When I hear that there are people in psychiatric wards that shouldnít be in there, I know it is true.  I wonder who wins the elections really.  The one with the most votes or the one that has the best computer, electronic equipment.  Who brought the law into this? When the cops started stalking me in August 1999, or when they stopped me three times within an hour and a half.  When Chris said in August 1999, ďI know just how to set someone up.Ē  Then a week later the girl with the guy problem shows up and says her problems are over he will be gone a lone time. When they use the law for their benefit. I say itís time for a bigger law to step up a real law or else it is time for the people to get up and stand for America.  Freedom and justice for all. Our forefathers fought and died for our country and our right. The country should be run by the people not a pack of crocks.



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