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YEAR 1999


January 1999

I was married for over twenty-three years. It was a good marriage, with few arguments. Everything changed when I broke my back. The doctor said that I would never work again. My wife Kathy interpreted that to mean that I was worth my max and was headed downhill from there, so she decided it was time to go shopping for someone else. Up until that point, I had been pretty successful and had done a lot. I was a licensed foster parent. I was a licensed real estate agent. I had a CDL Class A license with Hazmat endorsements. I had a heat and air-conditioning certification. I was a certified hazardous materials worker. I also owned a few rental properties and in my spare time I would buy run-down properties, remodel them, and turn them into worthwhile properties. I was within a couple of years of being able to retire.

Kathy was not all to blame. I guess the old saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" held true in my case. I guess I was concentrating too much on our future. I did make sure that we took some time for ourselves at least once every month or two. However, we would go to the casinos, the riverboats, or to tourist areas. Sometimes, we went to visit people in other states or towns.

We always had a good time on our trips, but when I was in Joplin, I was busy all of the time. I would work all day at a job, then come home and spend several hours working on our house or the apartments and buildings I owned. I also spent most weekends working on our house and rental properties. I guess dreaming about the future all of the time was just that: a dream. When you work your ass off in this country and start to amount to something, people notice and get jealous. They think it's not fair for you to have more than they do, so they try to find a way to destroy people who are doing better than they are - even though they themselves could be doing just as well, or better, if they were willing to pay the price of doing all the extra work it takes to get there.

I started with nothing. I was married, with a kid, at eighteen years old. I worked for everything I got. I would take jobs no one else wanted. I didn't have time to shop around I had a family to support. I gave it all I had, but I paid a hell of a price for it. I almost completely destroyed my body. I kept thinking that, some day, it would all be worth it -how wrong I was.

I was told that the events I am about to relate were set in motion because the son of someone in an important position wanted something for nothing. He wanted for himself everything for which I had spent my whole life working, and he wanted it for free. I think his attitude was "Why work for a future when you can just steal someone else's?" Well, I could never do that. It is against everything that I believe in. I did nothing but good for the town of Joplin. I always helped people around there, whether by working on their houses and cars, by stopping and helping people whose vehicles had broken down, or by donating to local organizations. Boy, was I stupid. That town had a hell of a way of thanking me for trying to help them.

The VFW on Wall Street probably would not have stood a chance of having their own place if it was not for me helping them get started. I set them up with a complete bar; for one thing, furnishing them with everything they needed, down to the drinking glasses. They had a hell of a way of thanking me. As long as I got into the VFW before noon, I was all right; but after they had a few drinks in them, they suddenly decided that my long hair made me a bad person and began regarding me as the enemy. I told them that I was sorry I grew up between wars. I always considered them a bunch of wannabes, living off other people's glory. If they had ever seen any real action, they wouldn't be sitting in a bar bragging about it.

The attitude of the people at the VFW was par for Joplin. I let several renters go for up to a month or two without paying rent before telling them that they had to move. I guess they thought that made me a bad person. I guess I should have sued them and turned them in to the credit bureaus the way most landlords would have done. Overall, though, most of the renters - especially the ones who had moved to Joplin from other areas - appreciated the lower-than-average rates I charged, and either stayed on or left on good terms.

My job at Radian fit into the area real good. I was one of the best hands they had because I was so versatile. They treated me well until I broke my back, and then of a sudden they decided that I was their Number One Enemy who had to be destroyed. When I tried to return to work, they tried to cripple a cripple. My friend Rick Depriece, also hurt his back. He was rated "no lifting restrictions" and collected over $30,000. My friend, Cindy Thomas, hurt her hands and wrists at work. She has a brother, who is a lawyer, so she received approximately $40,000. I hired Dorice House and was rated "permanent light duty." I got approximately $12,000 (after her cut) and two titanium pins in my back that leave me in constant pain.


In March of 1999, I filed an Exparta against Kathy because she had made several threats and claimed that she was running with decent people who could have me taken care of. She claimed that she was at work a lot, but her hours didn't add up. For example, she claimed that she had been working for Olston at the Holiday Inn for five days. Olston called the house and told me to tell her not to cash the check they gave her for 15 hours because it was supposed to only be for 11 hours. I drove out to Pillsbury to tell her and she threw a fit, telling me not to ever visit her work again. She told everyone I was checking up on her.

Just before that, her average day was to go by and make sure I was working on the rental properties at 1204 Wall or 802 Pennsylvania. Next, she would go to the Kitchen Pass for a couple of hours. She would then go home and talk to some guy on the phone for up to three hours. After that, she would claim she was going shopping and be gone one hour or as much as five hours at a time. About a week or two after the Exparta was filed, Neal Hodge, from Anytime Road Service, stopped by and told me that I did not know how lucky I was. If had not filed when I did, I would not have been alive two days later. He said I didn't know how close I had come. He also said Kathy had been messing around with some guy named Ray.

In the following months she started getting braver and braver, telling me I needed to get out. In August of 1999, I started noticing people following me. Then Kathy started telling me that I had better take two suitcases and leave town if I knew what was good for me. One day Berry stopped by the shop at 1204 Wall. I started staying there a few weeks before. This was after I went upstairs at our house on Pennsylvania and found out that she had another entire wardrobe up there. There was a dresser full of expensive sexy panties and lingerie and a closet full of nice clothes. I'd been seeing some of these items in the laundry, but I hadn't seen her wear any of them.

Barry told me that one of his relatives worked where Kathy worked and he told him she had been messing around. He told me that a couple of years ago she had been messing with Scott and another guy named Scott, but this guy was different; he was important. Barry said Kathy had told him that she wasn't planning on splitting. She said she was going to get what she wanted, all or nothing and that I'd better be careful. She also told him that maybe I should consider leaving because it wasn't worth my life.

Chris started coming around regularly claiming to be my friend. He was constantly offering me drugs; especially meth. He claimed he didn't know whom Kathy was messing around with, yet when she came around he talked to her like he knew her well. He would come over on weeknights when he had to work the next day. He would hangout until morning when he had to go to work. He usually had somebody else with him. If I said I needed to get something from the store or that I needed to go somewhere, he would insist his friend go instead. Kathy's cousin, Barnie, also started hanging out at the building. He even parked his bus outside of my building.

People started following me constantly. I noticed that some of them hung-out regularly at the VFW next door, the body shop next to it, and the Kitchen Pass, which was one block over. Several of the cars had dealer tags. Two older guys especially in tan cars would park across the street or on the lot located on the East corner of 12th and Wall for several hours at a

time. Constantly watching my building and me.


May 1999

We had been getting along pretty good. Kathy had been running around with Debbie most of the day. I had picked up some meth which was helping me forget about y back pain.  Debbie and Kathy wanted to party out in my garage where I had a pool table set up.  So I gave them a couple of lines of meth. After we got to partying pretty good, Kathy brought up the subject of Cris.  She brought up how Cris had been saying that people had been following him and he thought it was the mob testing him. She laughed about how far out there he must be.  I said he must be staying up for several days at a time in order to be thinking that.  He is probably paranoid because of all the people he has been running around with and the trouble he has been having with the law.  But then again, I’ve been messing around with the stuff for over a year and I’ve never got to the point where I thought people were following me.  We know several people who do meth all the time.  Once in a while they think the cops are following them but I’ve never heard them claim that other people were following them.  Maybe someone is really following him.  Kathy said oh come on, who would be following him all over the place. Debbie said maybe he has pissed somebody off.  When I was sixteen there was this girl named Candy that I was having trouble with. A bunch of us got together and started following her all over the place.  We would drive around and around the block where she lives. It scares the shit out of people when you do that.  She called me up the next day crying and begging me to have them stop.  She said she was sorry and she would never bother me again if I would just get them to stop.  I said something like that would make a little more since.  He has got into it with several people around here. Maybe some of them got together. Kathy said, “Oh come on, nobody is following him. He’s just out there, look how much drugs he’s been doing.  He had not been to sleep for days.  He was just out there.  I hope he stays in Kansas.”  I said you are probably right.  But I bet that would be a good way to scare the shit out of someone.  Debbie said oh it does, believe me.  Kathy said yep, but that was kids.  I doubt if adults would do something like that. They would not have the time. That conversation would stick with me for a long time. It sounded like a simple way to solve a problem with someone as kids, but I thought it probably would not work to well on adults or would it? It would defiantly be a quick way to get their attention.


In August I had been staying at the shop on Wall for about two weeks. Kathy had said that she was going to visit her sister in Washington for a week. She said that her sister purchased the ticket a couple of days earlier on a special that the airline was having.  However I knew better.  I had found papers over three weeks earlier at the house telling the date and flight she was going on.  When airlines give out specials, the almost always require an advance notice. She had made statements about how she was running with decent people now and she was not going to be bothered by me much longer. Barry and Allie Dobbs stopped by and said that Kathy had asked them to give her a ride to the airport. I asked them to try and talk to her some and try to find out whom she was messing with. Kathy stopped by the shop and asked me to stay over at the house while she was in Tacoma Washington.  I thought this was kind of strange because here a week earlier she did not want anything to do with me.  She told me how I did not need to be sleeping in the van.  I got a little more suspicious with her sudden interest in my health.  After Berry and Allie had taken her to the airport in Springfield they stopped back by. They told me that I needed to be careful because Kathy was up to something.  She was planning on splitting up with me and was not’ planning on sharing anything that belongs to us.  She also told them that she was going to get all or nothing and there was not going to be any dividing things up.  They said they did not know who she was messing with, but it must be someone big because she was keeping it a secret.  I decided to go over to the house and stay that night.  When I got there, I started looking around the house and began to get a little nervous.  I noticed that the windows on the north side of the house had been left unlocked and the screens had been removed.  I noticed that the blinds had been removed from the windows and the curtains were pulled back.  This just did not seem right for someone leaving town.  Our bed was setup in plain view from outside looking through the windows.  I decided not to sleep in the bed, instead I decided to do a line and lay in the floor out of sight to see if anything happened.  At around 3 AM, I heard someone messing with the window in the room next to the bedroom the other window on the north side. I crawled around the corner of the room and saw someone trying to raise the window. I aimed a gun at the window and yelled, “HEY SON OF A BITCH, WHY DON’T YOU COME ON IN AND WE’LL TALK ABOUT IT.”       I could hear the chain link fence rattle. As if someone had jumped over the fence.  Needles to say I did not get any sleep that night.  The next morning I got ready for work and went outside to take a look around by the windows.  There were clear imprints around the windows where at least two people had been messing around them.  The footprints were obvious.  I locked the house up and decided not to stay in the house another night.  I went back to staying in my van with it parked inside of my shop.  Barney (chicken) had parked his bus outside in the back of the shop and was staying in it. So I felt a little safer here. 

When Kathy returned, she asked me why I had not stayed at the house while she was gone.  I told her that I stayed at the shop to try and get some of the work finished.  I felt it was better at this point not to tell her about what went on that first night she was gone.  Instead of telling her about the windows and the biker behind the building a couple of weeks earlier.  I told her I stayed at the shop to try and get some of the work done.

I started writing down license plate numbers. Travis, the boyfriend of Patrish Montz, owned one of the vehicles. She was the girl who was renting the upstairs of our house on 1718 Pennsylvania.

I drove to Pillsbury one night and a guy was following me all around, from the parking lot to the store and back. He had dealer tags on his vehicle. I called the License Bureau and they said the tags belonged to D&S Rebuilders located on Highway UU. I found a map with a phone number in Kathy’s car. The number was for a guy named Waylen Boyer and the Trinity Church in Neosho. Waylen owns a car lot on East 7th Street


In September, Chris Nelson told me I needed to leave town, that it was not worth my life. A guy in a red pick-up started following me. I saw him wearing a police uniform one morning about 7:00. There was also a black car with a piston sounding motor. He hung-out at 4111 or 4115 Pennsylvania. About 2:00 AM, Berry and I had just left the house on 1718 Pennsylvania. At 15th and Main, a cop in front of us turned on his red lights and made a left turn as we approached. He then shut them off and waited for the light at 15th and Joplin. We drove down Main to 12th. As we passed the ally between Joplin and Wall, we saw him sailing down the ally. We hurried to get into the building on Wall. He and two other cop cars hung around the outside of the building for a couple of hours.

The next morning, we searched the van and found two or three little baggies with drugs in them. In the meantime, Kathy was telling people not to come around me because the police were watching me and that I was going to be busted. Barnie took his bus back to the house he had been staying at on Gum Road. I questioned Kathy about the map with the phone number on it and pointed out that a piece of the comer was torn off. I told her that if the first road past the Quik Trip and trailer court was Highway UU, then we had a problem. I drove down there and it was. I drove back to the shop on Wall. Suddenly, there were five or six cars driving around and around the shop for about two hours. Someone knocked on the door a few times, but I just ignored them and waited it out. Finally, they left. 

The next day I drove out to Neal Hodge’s house. Some people call him Neal Hodges, so I'm not exactly sure of his last name. Anyway, he runs Anytime Road Service. I asked him if he knew of D&S Rebuilders on Highway UU and I told him what was going on. He said he knew who they were. He would probably see one of them in the next couple of days and ask them if they knew Kathy. He reminded me how lucky I was that I had filed the Exparta Order against Kathy. I asked him if I could leave my trailer out there for a couple of days because I was getting a flat. He said he would take care of it and have it back in town for me when I called.

I called a couple of days later and he set up a time to bring it in. While waiting for Neal, his son Roy pulled up and asked if he had been by yet. I said, "Not yet." Then he said, "I've been through such a divorce myself and it was Hell. But I can not even imagine what you are going through. Especially with who is all involved. I can not even imagine what it would be like." He went ahead and left.

When Neal came by and dropped off the trailer, he said he had not had a chance to talk to anyone at D&S yet, but he would. About an hour later or so while driving up Joplin Street, I noticed Neil's van parked on a side street and he was sitting in it. I stopped and asked him if he was having trouble. He said no, that he was there for the funeral. I then noticed that there was a funeral going on and people were going into the funeral home. I said, "I'm sorry, I guess I had better go so you can go in there." He said, "Oh I'm not going in, I didn't even like the son-of-a-bitch. It's that State Patrol that got hit out on the highway a couple of days ago. I'm just here to make a showing."

A couple of days later Chris Nelson and a friend of his were sitting at my shop when another friend of his, that had called before stopped by. He asked Chris, "Did you get him?" Chris said, "No, I thought it was you that got him." Chris told me they were talking about a 16 year-old boy from Riverton, Kansas that was just killed. Chris said he was a piece of shit and that a bunch of them were after him. His brother was killed about a year before him.  Anyway, it is over now.

Over the next couple of months, I ended up doing a lot of meth. People were bringing it to me from all directions. I bet I met over half of the Dealers in the area, over the next few months. Chris Alexander from Kansas stopped by. I told him that I noticed a few people following me around. He said, "See, you thought I was imagining it when I said they were following me. That's why I left this area. My friend Huffer that lived in the trailer west of the VFW on North Main Street was going to turn in State evidence against them. They found out and killed him. He damn sure did not OD! He knew what he was doing."

Chris asked me if I would ride down to Rick Switzer's place by Grand Lake with him to try and pick something up. I said, "Sure, why not." We drove down there. Before we got anything, we had to listen to Rick for about an hour telling us how we were just too small time. That the guys he dealt with were big. They had moved a couple million dollars a week worth of stuff. Chris said, "Sometimes it's better to be small. You do not have to deal with the killings and all the other shit that goes on."  Rick said, "Oh no, they do not have you do that?” “If they feel it's necessary to have someone killed, they usually bring in a four man team from out of state to do it."

As we drove on back to Joplin, Chris said he was going to get on back out of town if he could, before they noticed him. He said, "If all of those people following me would have been my imagination, then I don't believe it would have instantly stopped as soon as I left the area. I suggest you do the same and get out while you can."

K.C. Summers stopped by a little later wanting to know if I'd seen Chris Alexander. I told him that he had stopped by and had already left as far as I knew. K.C. then told me he heard some things were going on and that I had better be careful. He also told me to watch my back. A couple of days later Berry Dobbs stopped by. He said that he had talked to Kathy and that I had better be careful. Kathy was not planning on split anything. Kathy had told him she was going to get all or nothing. Berry said it wasn't right, but it also wasn't worth my life. He suggested that I should consider leaving town.

Later, Kathy stopped by and told me that if I knew what was good for me, I'd take two suitcases and leave town or else because she was running with decent people and they would have me taken care of. I said, "Over 20 years of work and all we've got, don't you think I'm entitled to a little more than two suitcases?" She said, "You would just spend it." She told me constantly for the next couple of months to take two suitcases and leave town while I still could. She said that two suitcases were all that I was entitled to. At the time, we were worth about a half a million dollars net.

That night I was in the back of the shop working on the caravan and I needed a special tool. It was around 3:00 AM and I decided to drive over to the house on Pennsylvania and get it out of the garage. As I pulled out of the shop and got by the street, I noticed that there was a big burly biker looking guy walking towards the back of my shop. I pulled across the street and started thinking about it. If he was not going to my shop, there was only one place he could have been heading, the field behind the shop, which is the only other place he could have gone.

I decided to go around the block and see. It was a short block and it could not have taken more than 30 or 40 seconds to go around. When I came back around, he was gone. The only place he could have gone into that quickly was either into the back of my building or into the shed next to it. He was not in the field. I decided to go on over to the garage and get the tool I needed. I figured I had better pick up a couple of guns and shells while I was there.  From that moment on, I decided to keep a gun around.

Barnie Rightnowar, Kathy's cousin that she did not care much for, started coming around. He asked if he could hangout at the building and help me in order to make a little money until something came along. I trusted him so I agreed. He noticed the cars stalking me right off the bat. He would have me leave and watch to see if they would follow me and they did. We would write down their numbers to make sure they were the same numbers and they were the same numbers. Two tan cars, a red jeep, a black pick-up and a red pick-up were the regular vehicles. There were a few other cars from time to time, but they were not as constant.  Later I would find out that the guy who drove the red pick-up was a Joplin cop. I saw him wearing his uniform one morning. He lived around Moffett Street.

Chris Nelson told me in September that I needed to leave town. He said I didn't understand that it wasn't worth my life. "Just leave town." None of them would tell me where the threat was coming from. They would just warn me to leave town. Neal's son told me again, "I've been through a divorce, but I can't imagine what you're going through. If I were you I'd just leave town." Kathy told Debbie not to go around me because I was going to be busted because the police were watching me. Somebody had turned me in.

Berry Dobbs stopped by again. He said that Kathy was definitely messing around and it was somebody big, as in important. He suggested that I'd better be damn careful and that I should leave town. Robin Baldwin stopped by to talk to Chris. She asked if we knew that somebody was watching the building. Kenny Rogers stopped by and noticed it too. Leonard Hanner and several others did too. I started making sure that there weren't any drugs or paraphernalia left anywhere around the building. I told people not to leave anything. I also told them not to bring in any more than you can swallow if you have to. Still yet, several of them kept insisting on teaching me how to cook meth. They wanted me to allow them to do it there. Common sense told me that the first time I would agree would probably be the last of my freedom. I constantly kept refusing to even let them attempt it in my building. Several times, I would go to people's houses and they would be cooking meth. Most of them would keep things a short distance from their house. I got to where I would ride around for hours before I would go to anyone's house to make sure I wasn't being followed. Sometimes I would just have someone else go for me. But usually someone would stop by trying to sell me something. I warned all of them. Some stayed away while others didn't seem to worry in the least.

Berry Dobbs stopped by again. He said that Kathy was definitely messing around and it was somebody big, as in important. He suggested that I'd better be damn careful and that I should leave town. Robin Baldwin stopped by to talk to Chris. She asked if we knew that somebody was watching the building. Kenny Rogers stopped by and noticed it too. Leonard Hanner and several others did too. I started making sure that there weren't any drugs or paraphernalia left anywhere around the building. I told people not to leave anything. I also told them not to bring in any more than you can swallow if you have to. Still yet, several of them kept insisting on teaching me how to cook meth. They wanted me to allow them to do it there.

I had a German shepherd watchdog at the house on Pennsylvania. Somehow, someone managed to run over him. He lived for a little over a week. I wish I would have went with my instincts instead of taking him to a vet that claimed he would be all right. I should have ended his suffering.

Here I had all of these people stalking and following me around. It just didn't make any sense to me. I couldn't see that many people would want to try and get into someone else's affairs. What did they think they were going to gain? Supposedly, someone had a lot of clout and respect to get this many people involved. Still, it just didn't make sense to me. I just couldn't see that many people trying to help some piece of shit destroy a marriage that had been excellent for over 20 years. The only thing she had to do to get me to stop doing drugs was to quit fucking around and say she was sorry. Before I slipped, fell, and had to have back surgery, there were no drugs in our lives. I worked constantly. We started with nothing and had eventually worked our way up. We were within a year or two of being able to retire. I  couldn't understand her willingness to throw it all away. The doctors had prescribed me so many pills because of my back pain it was unbelievable. Five different doctors had been prescribing me medications. As bad as I was hurting, I took them. I was willing to try anything. Then, they cut me off cold.

The meth was the only thing that seemed to help it. The reason that I got so carried away with it during the months of September and October was because I wanted to see if Kathy could turn her back on me knowing I was down and out. I was really surprised that there were only two people who tried to get me to stop and they were the last two people I would have expected: Benny Dobbs and Shelly Crabaugh.

Shelly stopped by one day and said, "I'm not going to sit and watch you do this to yourself. If you do any more of it I'm going to leave and never come back." As much as she liked to party, I didn't believe her. I went into the other room and got ready to do Bft^f some. She opened the door, saw me and took off. She didn't come back. Benny said a couple of days later, "Glen, stop killing yourself." I told him that there was a reason for it and that I knew what I was doing.

I couldn't believe that Kathy could turn her back on me in that kind of shape. There had never been any violence in our house and very few arguments. Hell, even the day I left, I just told her that I knew she had been fucking around and then I got up and left. Somebody must have really impressed her, because me being down and out didn't faze her a bit. I wondered if she knew about her boyfriend's intentions for me. I told her; "If you're fucking around you have got to let me know up front. Whomever you are involved with can not have good intentions with this many people involved. And, seeing you turn your back on me in this condition, they can not have the same respect for you. These people have to be up to no good. Doing me like they are you need to consider the long run. People trying to destroy other people's lives could care less about anybody's life. You need to realize that."

Some people tried to convince me that she wasn't doing anything, I knew better. I decided to hook up a telephone recorder to the telephone. My advice to you is not to ever do that. You will hear things you'll wish you had never heard. You know in your heart if someone is fucking around. You don't have to prove it to others. I already knew, but I guess I wanted to prove it to others. It didn't make any difference; it was none of their business anyway.

The first time I heard one other telephone conversations, she was talking to her sister. She was telling her I was a goner and that I wasn't going to live through the week. Her sister Sue's answer was, "Oh Kathy, that would be so good. You know you would get everything." Kathy replied, "I know it, I know." Then Sue was saying, "You know it wouldn't take much."

The next call she made was to her Grandma. It was almost word for word the same conversation. I'd helped her Grandma and her husband dozens of times over the years with money and labor. And the first thing she said was how lucky Kathy would be if I were dead, because of how much she would get.

The next call was my good buddy Chris calling Kathy. He'd come by on his regular Wednesday and Thursday all night visits. There was always someone with him, usually a couple of girls. One of them would practically throw herself at my feet. I'd

always turn them down. Something just wasn't right about it. Women as a rule usually weren't that willing. Turns out it was a good thing I didn't give in. He'd been carrying a camcorder in his bag. I guess to get something on tape to show to Kathy. It didn't work. I was not looking to further our problems.

Anyway, back to the call. Chris had brought a friend over. He asked if he could use my van because his vehicle was broke down. I told him okay. He left his friend with me while he had to run somewhere. The conversation went something like this: Kathy answers the phone. Chris said, "This is Chris, do you want to go smoke a joint or drink some beer and play a game of pool or something?" She said, "It's already too late. It's almost 11. Where's Glen?" Chris told her, "He's at the shop." Kathy said, "You need to make sure he stays there and doesn't go anywhere." Chris said, "He can't, I've got his vehicle and besides that I left someone over there with him." She said, "You need to go back and make sure he doesn't leave."

The next call was Debbie calling Kathy about 10:00 AM. Kathy told Debbie she had been up all night and had just laid down to sleep about 9:30. She asked if she could call Debbie back later in the afternoon. When I went over to the house it was before I had a chance to listen to the tape. There was a baggie with about a gram of crank on the end table beside the bed. There were also some dirty magazines on the floor and an X-rated video still in the VCR. Apparently, she wasn't missing me very much.

The next call was from Kathy's friend Nancy. I had never met her. Kathy worked with her at Pillsbury. She was one of Kathy's decent friends. Kathy said Nancy's parents knew some really important people such as doctors, lawyers and judges in the Neosho area. They were in real good with them. Nancy was also married, hi the telephone call, she asked Kathy to meet her at a party on Delaware Street. She said the guys would already be at the party. There was a band and everything. Kathy said she had to make sure where I was first. I was supposed to leave town, but she needed to make sure. Nancy said, "I know what you mean. I had to ditch my husband too. The hood blew up on my car so I had to call him to fix it. Then he wanted to have us just stay home together with the kids. I had to come up with some good excuses to get away from him."

Instead of what Kathy considered decent people, I thought Nancy sounded like an indecent slut that put screwing around her main priority instead of her kids, husband and family life. The more I got to know about the decent people Kathy was running around with, the more grateful I was that I didn't associate with them. I guess I just couldn't adjust to their ruthless, backstabbing, cowardly, inconsiderate, no conscious, worthless piece of shit ways. If that's how decent people acted, I was glad I wasn't considered a part of them.

I had worked for what I had. I invested in run down pieces of property and fixed them up into something. I guess all that work made me indecent. Backstabbing people all week and then praying for forgiveness on Sunday just wasn't my thing. I had a 40-hour a week job. I then came home and worked another 40 to 69 hours a week. Anybody can have it, but very few are willing to pay the working price for it. Smoking, drinking and partying was something I did without, in order to get what I had. The biggest difference I noticed between me and the decent people she was running with, was the stuff I owned was paid for. Most of them were in debt up to the ass trying to find someone to steal from to pay their bills.

Then we have another of Kathy's "just a friend", Scott Osbom. He was moving to Wyoming. He had gone up there to visit a while. His best friend, they had went through high school together, let him stay at his house. Scott found out that his best friend's wife had a good job and that she might be getting a large settlement from the Government. He fell instantly in love. His best friend J is getting a divorce and Scott is moving in. Berry Dobbs said that Scott is no married man's friend. He's notorious for that kind of shit.

When Scott was 15 or 16, his father was running a multi-million dollar family ran farm and kennel. His oldest brother was in college. His other brother was in the service and he was sent to Vietnam. His father got cancer so Scott ran away. He ran away because he didn't want to do any extra work. One of his father's last wishes was to make sure Scott didn't receive a damn thing. Of course, his mom didn't listen. When Scott returned with his hand out, she set him and his little woman up in a house and the whole works. She did this because Scott then had a son of his own. Scott thought having a son was too much responsibility. He didn't want anything to interfere with his partying. So, he abandoned them in Wyoming and came to Missouri.

His son Casey is now around 18 years old. He had been living off the streets of Wyoming. He showed up in Joplin with two friends, Angela Hartman and Joe, hoping to get away from street life. They came in two cars. One broke down in Sheridan, Wyoming and they had to tow it with a rope all the way to Joplin. They stopped by the shop looking for Scott. I let them leave the broken down car there while they went to find him. They came back and said Scott told them that he was heading out of town first thing in the morning. He said he didn't know what to tell them. They were just on their own. He was too broke to help them. I didn't tell them that I knew his dad. Scott wasn't going anywhere for at least two weeks. He lied to them because they obviously were in need. I really didn't know them, but somebody had to help them.

They had just towed a car about 1,000 miles with a rope. I had to give them some credit. I looked at their car. It had a blown head gasket on it. I told them to pull it into the shop and I would help them fix it. In the meantime, Casey went over to Scotland, East of Duenweg. An old friend of Scott's said they could stay at a camp trailer for a few days. To help them out a little, I told them that I would give them a little work until they found jobs. Hell, they were all three good kids with good potential. They just needed a chance. Within a week and a half, all three of them were working and had rented a trailer at a campsite East of Duenweg.

They would stop by the shop almost every night for a while and play pool and just hangout. They would help me work on things, including their car. They didn't know anyone in town. They were worried that if they went to the local hangouts they might have trouble because they didn't know anyone. They were probably right. Anyway, they didn't bother me a bit.

They had been in town about a week when they asked me if I knew John. He was Scott's friend who lived in Scotland, East of Duenweg. I said, "Yea, I know who he is." They asked, "What do you think about him?" I said, "I really don't know him very well. I've only met him a couple of times and it was real brief. But he seems like an alright person." Casey and Joe started to whisper. I heard Joe say, "I'm going to tell him." I said, "Tell me what?" Joe replied, "His opinion of you is a whole lot different. He says you're bad news and that we should stay far away from you because some people have it in for you. He said he knows you real well." I said, "I only met the man on two occasions for less than 10 minutes and each time was at your dad's house, Casey. John was staggering drunk both times. I'm surprised he even knew who I was. He must be getting his information through Scott, or someone else that knows me."

They asked, "What do you think of him now?" I responded, "Like I said, I really don't know him. So, I really can't say anything against him. I would appreciate it if you would ask him where he got all of his information from because I don't hardly know him."

Barnie, Kathy's cousin, and I were in the back room of the shop and he noticed that the speaker on my television sounded like it was on. It sounded like it was on, but the TV was off. I unplugged the TV It still sounded like it was on. We started checking around and decided to check out the shed located behind the shop. There had been a wino living back there, but I hadn't noticed him for a couple of months. We went into the shed. There were about 30 AA batteries, several empty fast-food bags, and other bags containing recent receipts all lying around on the floor. The bags were from places like Mays, Wal-Mart, and fast-food places from all across town. Some of the receipts were only a day old. They were not from any wino.


The receipts came from someone who had access to a vehicle. Most of the places weren't within walking distance from the shed. Plus, it wasn't wino food. Somebody had been staying in that shed and it wasn't a wino. I wondered what happened to the wino that had been staying there. Nobody had seen him.

Chicken decided it was getting a little too hot and serious for him. He loaded up his bus and moved back out on Gum Road. He got especially worried after we started finding paraphernalia around that we knew didn't belong to him or me. We noticed the people stalking us would tap their brakes to get the lights to flash back and forth to each other and to make sure we would notice them.

We started to notice who some of them were. Some were cops, dealers, and car dealers in the area. Others we hadn't figured out yet. Some of them worked at Pillsbury, where Kathy worked. I figured that someone was going through a lot of trouble to keep track of where I was. I think they were making sure I wasn't anywhere near where Kathy was.

I drove out to Neil's and got into a conversation with him. I told him about the TV and the batteries in the shed. He showed me some kind of a listening device and told me to put it on and go outside. I put it on and went outside. It was a device used to amplify sound. I took it back in and said, "That's interesting." He told me that they had stuff that could allow them to hear a whisper over half-a-mile away. He said that he had been asking around a little bit and apparently, someone in an important position has an interest in my old lady. He said, "What it boils down to is somebody wants something for nothing, which is everything you own. I can't tell you who it is, but I will tell you he likes 56 Chevy’s. Well, actually it's his son. I know the old man pretty good, but I really haven't acquainted with his son much. He's the one that expects something for nothing."

I tried to get him to tell me who it was, but he was worried about the consequences if he did. He said, "You're not in a good position. But, I will say you are very lucky that you have a good friend in an important position. Do you care to take a guess at who it is?" I could think of a couple of possibilities. I told him that I'd rather not for I wouldn't want to guess the wrong person. Neil said, "That might be wise." He also told me that there was nowhere a person could go without being tracked if they wanted to. He pointed up and said, "They can even track people from up there now. Satellites are amazing."

Neil then reminded me again of how lucky I was that I had filed the Exparta against Kathy. I said, "But I dropped it." He said that it didn't matter because of the magic words I had put in it; her friends. "That's what saved you. It could have led to a never-ending investigation. That's what they're worried about now. They're going to have to try a different approach. You need to be careful and watch everything. Be on the lookout for anything. In fact, one of them has even written you a prescription before. What's really bad is that by the time this is all over, you probably won't be for sure what was real and what was your imagination."

A few days later Chicken stopped by. He was bitching because he couldn't find anything. He said, "Something really strange is going on. I was out at Neil's and they were doing a four hundred-gram burn. Then when they were finishing up, they wouldn't even give me enough for a shot. They said that's all accounted for and it has to go somewhere else. It just didn't make any sense. They couldn't spare a couple grams out of it." I told him that nothing seemed to make sense anymore. I said, "Like the three or four cars sitting outside watching this building right now. Do you want to bet that if I pullout they will follow me?"

We decided that I would pullout and drive around for a few blocks and he would see if they would follow. I pulled-out and Chicken watched out the window. Right after I drove off the three cars followed. Chicken wrote down their tag numbers. I drove down 12th Street then I turned south on Joplin Street. As I passed the Kitchen Pass Bar, two more cars pulled-out and began following me. I just drove around about seven or eight blocks and they still followed. I then drove back to the shop on Wall. Two of the cars parked when I did. One parked at about 13th and Wall and the other parked in a parking lot catty-cornered to my building. I went into the shop and Chicken had the tag numbers from the three cars that had followed me when I first took off.

We decided to drive out to Pillsbury and see how many would follow us. Chicken wrote down the tag numbers as I drove. When I pulled-out, it was the same thing all over again. We had seven or eight people follow us all the way to Pillsbury and back. We decided to make sure that there was nothing illegal in the shop or van. We found a couple of pipes and four or five haggles with just enough in them that a person could be charged. We spent four or five hours going thru the van and the shop. We had done this a couple of days earlier, so there shouldn't have been anything there. Yet, we found all of that stuff. The next morning Chicken went ahead and left the shop at the same time I did. I drove to work and Chicken said he was going to his-sister's, out on Gum Road. I went ahead and drove to work. I was followed as I drove off.


October, 1999

I had been living at the shop. Randy Ginger had told me the day before that they were going to lay me off. So, it wasn't a surprise. The doctor had just given me a release to return to work. I had Carpal Tunnel in my wrist and they had put on the Finish Crew, knowing I couldn't rake dirt with my wrist hurting so badly. With all of the other things going on, it was more of a relief than a layoff.

The tan colored car that had been stalking me from the parking lot across the street followed me to work. It kept following me throughout the day as we moved from yard to yard around town. It was still early in the day when Randy Ginger stopped by and said it was my last day. He told me that if I wanted to go ahead and take off he wouldn't say anything. He had already turned in my time for eight hours that day. I thanked him, got into my van, and drove towards Main Street. Naturally, the tan car followed me.

I turned south on Main Street. As I passed 2nd Street a cop coming from the North made a U-turn in the middle of the street. I turned right onto 4th Street and stepped on the gas. I caught a green light on Joplin Street and started south. I went through the light on 7th Street on a yellow. Then I caught a red light on 10th. I had a car in front of me, beside me and behind me. I looked in the mirror and saw the cop trying to get around the two cars in front of him as he crossed 7th. He had caught the light at 7th and Joplin. By the way he was coming, I figured someone had placed something in my van again. I wasn't going to wait and find out.

I went around the car in front of me on the right and jumped the curb. To my surprise, the three cars that were also at the light followed me. I went flying down 10th Street and started making comers. Well, as anyone knows, there is almost no way to out run the police when you start from the center of town. As I passed Buyers, I noticed that another cop was turning off 7th. I had pretty much lost the cars and I had a two-and-a-half block lead on the cop car. Around 17th and Moffett, I saw Kenny Roger's car. I slammed on the brakes, parked, flipped the lock button on the van and then ran to Kenny's car. I hid in it.

When Kenny came to break he said, "What's going on?" I asked him to get me out of there. I told him they were after me and that I thought someone had something hid in my van. He drove me by the building on Wall and I had him park on the VFW side. He asked me if I was sure that they were after me. About that time, the two tan colored cars came charging across the field behind the shop. They were going about 30 miles-per-hour. Kenny said, "Never mind." They hadn't seen me. "Let me take you somewhere else," he suggested. I said, "No, I've got to get into the building and see what's in there. Someone has put something in there and I need to find it and get rid of it."

They wouldn't come after me like that unless they thought it was a sure thing. He asked me if I wanted him to hang around. I asked him not to. I didn't want to drag him into it. I also didn't want anyone to see any cars around until I had checked the shop out. When I went into the shop, there were all kinds of lab things, bottles filled with fluids, and jars full of powder. I heard something outside and looked to see about six cars full of people. I figured they were coming in at any minute. They had set me up big time. I wasn't about to let them set me up like that and take me down for free, if I could help it. I decided they were going to have to pay a price for it. I grabbed a couple of metal cans and put about 5 cans of starting fluid and some other flammable chemicals in them. Then I distributed about 50 pounds of nails and about a gallon and a half of gas into each metal can. I topped them off by placing lids and a fuse on each. I put one at the front door and one at the back. I went ahead and starting cleaning up and destroying the lab. I rinsed the glass full of bleach out. I broke up and flushed what I could. I burnt the plastic. I soon realized that my theory that they had cameras inside the building was right. They sat outside for about three hours and then backed down. I also had loaded up several guns including an AK 47 with a 150 round clip in it. Had the stuff belonged to me, I would have given it up in a heartbeat. As a rule, don't do the crime if you can't do the time. No crime is full proof.

 I decided it was about time that I left town for a little bit. So, over the next few I worked around the shop and tried to get my son's truck running before I left. Chicken decided he wasn't going to hang around the shop much until he could figure out was happening." I went over to the house on Pennsylvania. I told Kathy that I knew who the car with the dealer tags, that was stalking me, belonged to. I also told her that UU Highway matched the first road past the trailer court on the map I had found that someone had drawn her. I left and went over to the shop on Wall.

Within two hours there were seven or eight cars going around and around the shop and the entire block. After about two hours, the tan colored cars, which had been stalking me, pulled-up in the Hemphy Springs parking lot and parked catty cornered from my building. Two of the cars that had been circling stopped where they were. I saw Kathy and a guy get out and walk over to the tan colored cars. They talked for a few minutes, then the other cars that had been circling around, pulled-in. They had a little meeting. The cars that had been circling pulled away. The two tan cars stayed parked where they were.

From my shop, with the occupants staying inside, I noticed a red pick-up with the driver sitting in it. Another vehicle with the driver inside was behind him. I heard a knock at the back door of my shop. I eased up to the door and looked through the peephole. I could see Berry Dobbs and another guy. Berry was standing at the door. The other guy was standing over to the side, trying not to be seen. I sat in the shop for over two hours. Obviously, nobody was going anywhere. I was trying to figure out a way out, but there was none. So, I just sat and waited with my gun loaded.

My phone rang and I answered it. It was Robin Baldwin, Chris Nelson's friend. She was looking for Chris. I asked her if she could do me a favor. She said, "What do you want me to do?" I asked, "Would you drive around my shop and around the block and see if you see anything unusual?" She said, "What do you want me to look for?" I told her, "Just look around and if there is anything you would notice without me saying anything." She replied, "Okay, I'll drive around, but I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for."

About five minutes later, Robin called back. She said, "Glen, there's two tan colored cars with people in them, sitting in the parking lot across from your building. They are just watching it. There are two more cars sitting across the street and to the south with people in them. There are also two cars parked in the VFW lot to the north of your building and there's a cop parked in the ally." "Well you apparently saw even more than I did," I replied. "I thought there were only two people behind the building. From inside this shop, I could not see the two on the VFW lot or the cop sitting in the ally between Joplin and Wall. I asked her if she would help me get out of there. I said, "In about five minutes, would you pull-up close to the VFW front door and I'd slide in on the driver's side. Hopefully, they won't be watching that door and I can just come out it."

There was a block wall between the ladies bathroom in the VFW and my shop. The rest was a three brick thick wall. I thought that I would knock a hole through the blocks and go through the wall into the ladies bathroom. I would then go to the front door of the VFW They would possibly be wondering what the hell I was doing, but so what. I owned the building. I got a sledgehammer and went into the room next to the VFW bathroom. I walked over to the wall and just as I was drawing back to get a good swing, I heard someone go into the bathroom.

I waited a few minutes for them to leave. Five minutes, ten minutes, then fifteen minutes went by. Whoever was in the bathroom was not leaving. My phone rang and it was Robin. "I've been sitting by this door for a while. Where are you?" "Apparently my plan isn't going to work." I said. "I am going to have to come up with something different. Can you give me a little bit and let me know if any of them leave?" She called back about 15 minutes later and said she was parked at the feed store about a block and a half from me and that none of them had left. She said she would call me back if anything changed.  About 30 minutes later Robin called back and said, "Glen, they're all still there including the cop. It is getting late and I really need to get going." I said, "Can you give me a little longer? I'll come up with something and call you back." She agreed.

I had put a carburetor kit in my brown van. I had finished it a day or two earlier. I had not started the van to see if it was all right or if it needed final adjustments. I got to thinking that if it would start it could be my way out. Nobody knew that I had the carburetor ready yet. I called Robin and told her, "I've got a plan. Here is what I need you to do. In about five minutes, I want you to come this way and turn on the south side of my building. Honk your horn so I'll know it's you. When I hear your horn go off, I'm going to go tearing out the back door. So make sure you're moving when you hit the horn. Pull on around the back and don't stop. Just drive to where I'm running. There is a trail going through the back of the lot and it comes out on Byers Street."

Robin said, "Glen, there's at least to guys in back of your building and I think there could be more." "They aren't going to be expecting me to come charging out that soon. I hope that it will startle them enough that I can get a lead on them." "Okay," said Robin, "I'll try it. Do you want me to come now?" "No," I said, "Give me five minutes exactly from now." She said okay. About three minutes went by and my phone rang. It was Robin again. "Glen," she said, "the two tan cars that were on the lot across the street are now on your lot and so is the vehicle that was across the street. What do you want to do?"

"They will be expecting us to drive down Wall Street," I explained. "They probably don't know about the back way out and I can't think of anything else. I want to I heard the "honk, honk, honk" of Robin's horn and instead of running to the back door, I ran to the overhead door at the front of the building. I raised it up and jumped into the brown van. I hit the switch and it fired-up. I went sailing out of the shop and fumed down 12th Street. I saw the cop. He was out of his car and halfway between it and Wall. He was positioned like he was going to go into my building. I sped past him and turned south onto Joplin Street. I drove a few blocks then started to zigzag through the side streets.

My phone rang and it was Robin. "Glen," she exclaimed, "they've got me stopped behind your shop. They asked me to try and get a hold of you. Where are you?" "I'm out of there," I explained. "Thanks a lot for helping me. I'll owe you forever." She said, "But I didn't do anything." "You helped me more than you'll ever know," I said. "If you would, could you ask one of them to shut the overhead door on the front of the shop for me?"

I drove a few more blocks and my phone rang again. This time it was Debbie Jones. She asked me where I was. I told her I was sightseeing and asked her to go by the shop to make sure the doors were closed. She asked me to stop by. I shut the phone off and disconnected the battery. I then drove the back roads zigzagging while working southwest. I didn't notice anyone following. I drove down to #10 Bridge by Grand Lake. I parked in the lot that was northwest of the bridge. It sat down a little from the main road.

I sat there for over six hours watching. Apparently, no one had followed me down there and no one was stalking me. I must have lost them. There was a lot of traffic in the area, but they weren't paying attention to me. After six hours had passed and I was sure I wasn't  being followed, I drove over to Rick and Connie's trailer. Connie answered the door. "I need to sit somewhere," I said, "and get some sleep. Do you care if I borrow your couch for a few hours?" Connie said, "Rick's not here and I'm on my way to Carthage for the night. So if you leave before I get back be sure and lock the door." I thanked her.

She showed up with her cousin the next day. I visited with them for about an hour then headed back to Joplin. I decided to stay around people for a day or two. I told several people what had happened. Knowing that I was being stalked constantly, I was keeping loaded guns handy. I figured that they had one shot coming and if they missed, I would damn sure be defending myself.

I had told Casey, Angie and Joe from Wyoming that I would meet them the next evening at the shop. I pulled-up to the front of the shop on Wall. I didn't see them. I figured they were running a little late. I thought that I would just sit outside the shop and wait for them. Apparently, they had parked around the back of my shop. I had not seen them, but they had either seen or heard me pull-in. I had pulled up just past the comer of the building. I guess they decided they would sneak up on me and scare me. They slipped down the side of the building to the comer where I was sitting about five feet away. Casey jumped from the comer of the building to my van door and hollered. He met my 357, cocked and pointed right between his eyes.

Luckily, I had taken a split second to see what I was shooting. I guess that I can thank my previous hunting experiences for saving his life. Hunting in the brush teaches a person to hesitate long enough to make sure he knows what he's shooting at. It had scared the shit out of all of us. I got onto them and told them to never sneak up on me like that again. They assured me that I would never have to worry about them sneaking up on me again.

Weeks later I stopped by Chris Nelson's house to see if he had seen Robin. I wanted to thank her again. He told me that she had been beaten within inches of her life. She was in a coma at the hospital. He said they had her in an unlisted room and were not giving any information out about her condition. Only close family was allowed to know where she was and to see her. I called all three hospitals to try and locate her so I could at least send flowers or something. None of the hospitals would admit if she was there or not. They all said they did not have any record of her.

I went back to Chris's and asked him if he had heard anything. He told me that Leumen was related to Robin. I went over to his house on the 3400 block of Moffett. He confirmed what Chris had said. He also said that they had not even let him know where she was or her condition. All they would say is that she was critical. He said he would get in touch with me as soon as he got a number or heard anything.

I really didn't know Robin. I'd only met her a couple of times before and that was when Chris would have her meet us at the shop. I didn't know of any direction to go. I did know that she had a dead husband that was supposedly a suicide. She said he had hung himself. But what Chris Nelson said about it made the situation sound suspicious to me. He said that when they found her husband he was hanging at the foot of some steps with his knees bent a little bit. If he had straightened his legs out, he would not have been hanging. He also had a plastic bag over his head. He also told me that Robin knew some very high up people. She lived in a very expensive house and drove an expensive vehicle. Chris also explained that the guy who had been living with Robin had never held a job very long. He seldom made much over minimum wage until he hitched up with her.

It was around this time that there was a double murder in the five hundred block of North Joplin. It was advertised as an execution style murder. They had been bent down on their hands and knees and shot through the back of the head. I heard several rumors after it by several different people. They all said the guy's uncle was missing. Also, it was a black and white couple. He was black and she was white. The rumors all pointed in the same direction. The family lived south of town and was hitched up with Mob drugs. They supposedly had all kinds of buried money on their property. The girl's husband had supposedly been busted for drugs and was sent to prison. While he was away, the girl had started messing around with this black guy. They had said for a couple of months that they were going to kill them both for it.

Half the town had heard about it. Everyone claimed that they never got charged for anything because everyone knew better than to say anything. About a year or so back Chris Alexander had told me about these people. He met them through K.C. Summens and Clint Hunt. Chris told me that they showed him the gun and holster from the cop that they took out into the woods and killed. He also said the people had a lot of money buried. One thing was for sure everyone that claimed they knew the people readily admitted that they were afraid of them. They also agreed that there would never be an arrest in the case.

Another strange incidence had happened in northeast Oklahoma. A guy got out of a car and the cops had shot and killed him. The girl with him took off running and the police were looking for her. A couple of days later her dead body was found in southwest Missouri. It made me wonder about the cop in Cal Junction that had killed a guy a year or two earlier. The guy was supposedly suicidal and standing 100 feet away from the cop with a knife in his hand. He took a step towards the cop. The cop felt threatened so he made a lethal shot and killed the guy. It was called a "justifiable shooting."

Imagine what would have been done to an individual had he not have been hitched up and he tried to lay the same story out as a defense. Some of the dates may not be exact. I'm thinking back almost a year and a half while writing this. I can remember events a lot clearer than exact dates.

I decided maybe it was about time to get out of town because people were trying to sell or give me drugs and women from all directions. This was not normal. Something was definitely up. Debbie and Chris called. Debbie invited me over to her house. I drove over and saw that she had a lot of company. Her friends Cindy, Trish and Christy were there. Cindy had a dead husband. Trish's husband was alive, but everything, including his business on west 7th Street had been blown up. Christy had three dead husbands behind her and didn't appear to be very heartbroken. In fact, she was bragging about the quick 300 dollars she had just made off a Joplin doctor. He liked her to piss on him after she did him. I guess he had Christy Stewart do it because his wife wouldn't go along with it. 

Chris Nelson and his friend Louman were there too. I asked them if they were going to give me some answers. "I can do nothing," I said, and I bet 75 to 100 people would go down before it was over." I told Chris that if he was playing games behind my back then he'd better come clean. Chris had brought several women by the shop and they would practically throw themselves at my feet. I felt something had to be up. This just wasn't normal.

I ended up turning them all down. I wanted to make sure my marriage was through first. I didn't want to do anything that would make matters worse. It turned out to be a good thing that I turned all of those women down. Chris had been carrying around a bag with a video camera in it. I figured he was trying to get something against me to show Kathy, some girl's old man, or who knows what.


November 1999

The next few days, here came the traffic. I was followed once again by the two tan cars, the red jeep, the black pick-up, the red pick-up that belonged to a Joplin police officer, and several others mostly with dealer tags. I decided that it was time to get out of town and clear my head. I had to make sure I wasn't imagining anything. I wanted to leave the pain pills, meth and everything else alone and take some time to think about what was going on. I decided to go to Wyoming for a little bit.

I headed out from Debbie's to Neal's and then I headed out from there. I was seldom followed from Neil's. He lived on a dead end street. I drove almost to Wichita, Kansas and then slept. I started listening to the tape of the telephone recordings as I drove. They were bothering me bad. I found myself pulling over to the side of the road in disbelief. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from Kathy. I was glad that before I had left town I stopped by the courthouse and filed another exparta against Kathy. I wrote on it that I was being stalked.

It took me five or six days to get to Gellette, Wyoming. I just couldn't get into driving. I stopped at Lee Walkin's house. He was a friend and an ex-brother-in-law. I told him I needed a place to hangout for a few days. "I just want to ask you one thing," he said. "Kathy has been telling people that you have been doing drugs. Is it true that you've been taking drugs?" I said, "Hell yes I've been taking drugs and lots of them. My back's been killing me and she's been putting me through hell." He interrupted me and said, "Say no more. I asked you for an honest answer and I'm convinced you gave me one. I'm going elk hunting for a week or so here in a couple of days. So, you will have the whole house to yourself. Here is a garage door opener so you can leave your vehicle in the garage. Be sure and lock up if you decide to leave town before I get back." "Thanks," I said, "but you didn't let me finish. I haven't done anything for over a week and I don't plan on doing any while I'm here." "I hope you don't," he replied. "But I wouldn't hold it against you if you did."

I stayed for about a week and a half just thinking and trying to understand exactly what was going on and why. I hadn't been imaging any of it, especially when so many other people had noticed it too. I hadn't done enough drugs to be hallucinating any of it. I backed way down once the stalking started. I realized that what was going on in that area of southwest Missouri was scary and out of control. There was a group of people who made it their hobby to destroy other people's lives. I had met a several of them. They had every road in and out of the area covered. I wondered how many cars I had seen at their places stripped to the bone.

They were constantly hauling stuff to the scrap yards. These people had one Hell of a monopoly going on. But why? What did the others think they were going to gain? I could almost understand the guys behind it. At least they thought they had something to gain. All the other idiots were helping to destroy other people's lives for the thrill of doing it. The only thing they were doing to me was showing their stupidity and vulnerability. By going along with the shit that was going on, they were just showing the ones behind it how gullible they were. They were like sheep, only dumber. They actually believe one can knowingly sin and it will be okay if they just ask for forgiveness on a Sunday. I'm sure God forgives sins, but come on. Premeditated, knowing it is wrong before they do it, and planning it out is not forgivable. If God were that gullible, he wouldn't be fit to be a God. This is why I haven't done anything but act in defense to them.

I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around. One day one way or another, everyone involved in this racket will end up paying ten folds. If not in this life, then they will pay in the next life. I've seen it too many times in the past. Hell, some of them were paying for some of it right now. They were showing everyone what a big sucker they were. It is no wonder the wages are so low around there. Low wages are all those idiots are worth. Throw them a few crumbs while they make you rich.

I guess this is why I like the movie Wise Guys so well. Read between the lines at the beginning of the movie, when he was just a kid just starting out. They told him everything that they were afraid of. He went along it for a long time. He then saw them for what they really were. That's what made the ending so good. He decides that he had already gave them enough of his life and he was not going to give them the rest. Hindsight is 20/20.

I've lived on the streets. I've seen what happens to the little 15 and 16 year-old runaways. I don't think it's right, but at least the pimp has something to gain by taking an interest. A far worse crime would be to entice the young girl to go to him. With nothing to gain but the thrill of knowing someone is being fucked over. To sit back and encourage something like that because of jealousy or the thrill, knowing they can stop it at any time just by saying, "no way, I am not going to be a part of this." They better pray God isn't real. Nothing is free.

The trip to Wyoming helped me out a lot. It helped me to see several people for who they really were. I knew Kathy would pay for doing me the way she was, as would all of the rest involved. What ever their motive was, it would just be a matter of time. I would see to it if necessary. But I knew it wouldn't be. Few times when I have taken a hard look at a situation and predicted the outcome have I been wrong. These people are self-destructive. It's just a matter of time before someone stands up for what's right.

Another thing was for sure, I wasn't going to let myself get so drugged up at any time in the future that I had to wonder about what was going on. I would only be doing them socially or sporadically when necessary to stay awake or for pain, only when absolutely necessary. With Kathy starting to spread rumors like that, I wanted to be able to be sure I could pass drug tests often in the future.

In Wyoming, there wasn't anyone following me. I had wished that I had paid a little more attention when other people around the Joplin area had complained. If I had helped them, then I probably wouldn't be going through all of this shit now. Like the VFW I had rented to some of the ones stalking me. If it weren't for me, they wouldn't even have a bar. No one else would have set them up so cheap. But I knew they couldn't afford it otherwise. What a bunch of sorry low lives. They had a hell of a way of showing their appreciation. I could tell most of them over there were just trying to gloat on someone else's glory.

The real heroes and the ones that saw real war don't sit around bragging about it. My Dad was on the first wave at Evil Jevo. His battalion had over 90% casualties. I've never heard him brag. If you can manage to get him on the subject, it's short and quickly changed to another subject. I've been around people who have been in War my entire life, and they all act the same. I've never met one that sat around a VFW. bragging that was really there. I guess the group next door was the perfect crowd for the group of sick minds in Joplin that were going along with the crowd with nothing to gain and their future to loose, or even worse their self respect. A coward dies a 100 times and a man dies once.

I headed back to Joplin. Being away and alone helped me a lot. It helped me to think about a lot of things. I came back and stayed at the shop alone for a couple of weeks and except for the two tan colored cars watching me and a few more, they hadn't been going out of their way to harass me. They were just watching me but not real seriously. I decided to go over to the house and figure out what we were going to do about our marriage. I stayed there off and on for about a week and a half.

During that time, something seemed to be bothering Kathy and I didn't think it was me so much. Something must have happened with her Mr. Romeo. I started to find all kinds of little notes tucked away here and there. Notes were from the manager of the Super 8 in Carthage, Kim in Police Records, Kreiyn J.P.D Credit, and a game warden in Newton County. There was a napkin in the desk drawer that had drops of blood on it.

I asked Kathy to make me a doctor's appointment with Dr. McQuary in Springfield. She called and made an appointment for January. She said she was going to the store and left the paper she had written the appointment on atop the dining table. It read Dr. McSellrne and had the date and time of the appointment with Dr. McQuary.

I went into the bathroom and noticed a clear purse. Then, in the mail there was a bill from St. John's Hospital. It was for an emergency room visit for November 26th or 27th for $400. It said Mammogram. Women don't go to the emergency room for a mammogram. Kathy had several over the years. They cost $60 at the office on 34th Street and Indiana.

I drove over to Neil's house and we got into a conversation. He said that he had been to a state trooper association banquet in Carthage. He didn't hang around long because he didn't have the money to have one of those quiet little girls to hang onto his arm and show off like so many of the others had. He said he just didn't feel right going around them without one. He got to talking about the expression on people's faces when they see the reality of what's in store for them.

Neil also mentioned something about when they first get started they need to be taught little lessons about writing things down and trying to keep records. "We can handle our own pretty good," he said. "It's these damn outsiders that you have got to watch." He reached over on his desk, picked up a set of plastic scales and turned them over. On the bottom was burned F.B.I. It was obviously burned from a hot F.B.I, badge. I didn't know for sure if it meant they had killed an agent or they weren't worried about them because they had some of them in their pockets. I thought it better not to ask. "We've got people all the way up to the White House," he said.

I drove home and took a good look around the house. In Kathy's dresser drawer, I found a ticket stub from a state troopers association banquet. Upstairs, where I seldom went, I found she had a whole other wardrobe with sexy lingerie and other items. When she got home, I confronted her about all of it. Kathy got a guilty look on her face but denied it all. I told her that if something was going on to tell me. I could stop it at any time, but she would have to admit to me that something was going on.

She kept denying anything was going on. I said, "All of these people aren't following me around for no reason. There would be no possible way they would doing all of this if they didn't have bad intentions. If they're not already using you, then they're planning on it. You've got to come clean with me." She claimed that she didn't know what I was talking about. She said I was crazy or someone was lying to me. Then she told me she was going to go to the store and I told her I'd ride with her.

I noticed a couple of cars following us. I got out a piece of paper and started to write down their tag numbers. Kathy started getting shaky. "Don't you go writing down anybody's tag numbers while I'm in here with you," she said. "If they're not following us, then it shouldn't matter," I replied. She began to panic and drove back to the house. I brought up her other panty and lingerie drawers upstairs. I then decided to go back over to the shop on Wall before we ended up really getting into it.

I was there about 15 minutes and then came the cars again. I was not on drugs and I didn't have any on me. There wasn't any in the building I was worried about and I had several guns on me. I pulled the van into the shop and just waited them out. Someone started trying to talk to me through the radio. At first I wondered if I was starting to hear things. I didn't dare tell anyone. I decided I had to find out if it was possible.

After looking around at several electronic stores, I finally found a place in Jefferson City, MO. For $30, you can buy a transmitter that you had to put together. Using the transmitter, you can play or say anything you wanted on someone's radio up to a quarter of a mile as long as you used their radio as a receiver. For $60, you could buy a transmitter to put together and play anything you wanted on someone's TV up to a quarter of a mile away. Imagine the power they could have over a housewife. They could play her and her boyfriend's action over her TV while she was watching and threaten to play it again when her husband was home. Imagine how powerful she would think they were. She would probably fall right into the screen. This kind of electronic bullshit should be strictly illegal everywhere. I wonder how many people they drove to the nut house that didn't belong. That's probably where you'd be sent if you told anyone without any proof it was possible.


On December 19, 1999,1 was driving south on Main Street and I stopped to use the phone at 43rd and Main. I quickly realized that I had driven right in the middle of one of their large drug deals. Cliff Martin, who lived a block away at 43rd and Joplin, told me that they had at least 2-3 big transactions there a week. I should have known better than to stop there. However, the drive-up phone was convenient and I didn't realize it until after I'd got on the phone. I was talking long distance to my brother.

They must have had at least 15 cars there and they started swarming me. I started giving my brother license plate numbers. They liked that even less. I hung-up the phone and drove across Main Street. At least eight of them were following me. I drove down to 32nd Street where there was more traffic and people. They kept coming so I drove to Wal-Mart on Range line and ran into the store. At least a dozen of them followed me into the store. Leading the pack was Darrel and Deanna Jones, Debbie Jones' ex-brother-in-law. The store didn't slow them down a bit.

I grabbed some ammonia and bleach and took the lids off them. Then I went into the sporting goods department. I grabbed a lighter, some starting fluid, and anything I could find that said flammable and started opening them. I then grabbed a couple of cans of wasp sprays. They were all around me. I saw a family with a couple of kids shopping. I knew they weren't a part of them so I stayed close to them. They got nervous and headed straight to the checkout. I went to the one beside them. I was trying to get the lids partially back on the items. As the checker went to pick some of them up, she noticed that the lids were loose on some of them, as they had spilled a little.

I got through the checkout line at almost the same time the family did and I stuck close to them as they went out the door. Lucky, they had parked right next to my van. I went to the passenger side of my van and slid in as they got into their car. I slid down into the floorboard and laid down. The cars stayed in Wal-Mart parking lot watching my van for over six hours. I figured they thought I had gotten in with the family parked next to me. They were waiting for me to come back to my van. I stayed in the van in the parking lot for about 10 to 12 hours.

I then drove to the post office on 1st and Main. I called Neil Hodge's house from the phone at the Post Office and told him I was being followed. He asked me if I recognized any of them. I told him that some of them were cooks and some of them were cops. He told me to come out to his place. So, I rode around for about an hour to make sure no one was still following me, and then I rode out to Neil's place. I stayed at Neil's all day that day. I told him I was not going to go back thru Joplin for a while.

That evening he got a call to go to M&M Wrecker Service and asked me if I wanted to go because he was going to go past the campsite on the other side of Duenweg. He knew I wanted to check in on the kids from Wyoming that lived there. On the way over there, as we passed the Quick Trip in Duenweg, Neil took a flashlight out and flashed it at his dashboard a couple of times. We stopped at the trailer park and the kids from Wyoming weren't home. I left them a note. We then went on to M&M.

There was a tractor-trailer rig parked there. Neil's boy Roy was already there. He said that the brakes were locked up. They started choking the lines and fooling with the brakes. I was watching over them. I drove a truck for a few years, so I knew a little about their brake system. It was cold out and I was in kind of a hurry so after about 45 minutes I asked, "How long are we going to work on a set of brakes that aren't broke?" Neil then put something under the frame of the truck and we went ahead and left. As we passed by Duenweg's store, Neil again flashed the flashlight on his dash.

As we got in town, on 7th Street, a few vehicles started flashing their brake lights at us a couple of times, this was one of the ways they communicate. Neil drove on and pulled into the lot of my shop. As we pulled in, I saw several of the vehicles that had been following me. They were parked all the way around my shop. There must have been 30 of them. I told Neil to get me the Hell out of there. He asked, "Do you want to stop and talk to some of them?" I said, "No, just get me the Hell out of here!" Neil laughed and we pulled out. He drove one block to 12th and Joplin. We pulled into the lot there. He then said, "You know, I bet no one has noticed that bag right there." He got out and picked up a bag about 1 '/z' X 3'. He got back into the van, peeped into the bag and sat it down between us. It had money on it and lots of it.

Neil said, "Since you seen that you might as well see this. What do you think?" "Interesting," I said. "At least I can say for 100% that this is really happening. It's more of a relief than anything else." He then said, "We've got people all the way up the White House that use drugs. It's everywhere and it's not going away.

When we got back to his house I told him that I really needed to get to Oklahoma City to check on my Mom, who was in the hospital. Neil gave me an 800 number and told me to keep in contact with him. So, I went on to Oklahoma City. I called him from a payphone when I first got there. A lady answered the phone and said, "Operation Breakthrough." I told her that I had a message for Neil that I was in Oklahoma City and I would check back with him a little later.

A guy stopped me inside the hospital and told me that I should move my vehicle to the parking garage on the opposite side of the hospital. So, I moved my van and then went up to my Mother's room for a while. When I returned to my van I noticed there was a VHS tape in the seat. I took the tape and put it in the VCR in the back of the van. I noticed it was a tape filmed in my house on 1718 Pennsylvania in Joplin. It showed me walking from the kitchen to the living room talking to Kathy, then going into our bedroom with a guy walking right behind me as I went. Instead of following me into the bedroom he walked right past me and into the kitchen. When I came out of the bedroom I stopped in the living room for a few seconds, said something to Kathy and then went out the front door. It was probably a good thing I left.

What a weird feeling. I realized they could have had me anytime and I was only alive because they had let me live so far. This made me start thinking about Neil telling me I didn't know how lucky I was that I had filed that restraining order. I sat there for a few more minutes then all of the sudden 25 to 30 cars started rolling down the ramp and as each one of them passed me they would tap on their brakes or honk their horn. They must have had the entire top level of the parking lot filled. I kept waiting for one of them to come over and talk to me, but they never did. After about an hour, I went back into the hospital. They did this a couple of more times before the day was over.

I called the 800 number again and the lady answered, "Operation Breakthrough." I said I had a message for Neil. I told her to tell him I gotten his message and that I would keep in contact with him. Neil had told me he had broken his flask that he uses for making his dope, so I thought I would try and find him another one while I was in the city. I called around and found a couple of places I thought might sell them. I drove to the east side of Oklahoma City but I couldn't find the address. I think the five cars following me had something to do with it.

I went back to the hospital then later took the southern route around the city. I was followed and watched my every move. So, I thought I would mess with them a little like they had been messing with me. I stopped and used the phone to call and try to get directions to the stores. It was obviously annoying them when I would use the phone. I eventually gave up on finding the store and went back to the hospital. They were watching my every move including inside the hospital. The By Pass Surgery on my Mom went so well I thought I'd better go back to Joplin.

On the evening of December 22, I got ready to head back to Joplin around 10:00 PM. I called the 800 number from the hospital. The same lady answered, "Operation Breakthrough." I told her I had a message for Neil. "The operation went very well and I was heading back." When I got on the highway, I had several vehicles with me. When they would pass me they would flash their brake lights to make sure I saw them. Some would just flash the third light they had added. They were four cars that stayed right with me, one in front and one behind. Of the other two, one had a headlight out and the other had a taillight out. The one that had the headlight and taillight out kept speeding. One would come from the back and pass us, then slow down. We would pass him and the other from the back would pass everybody and slow down. They took turns speeding then slowing down so almost constantly one of them was going around us. It was either the one with the headlight out or the one with the taillight out.

On the other side of Tulsa, about 30 miles from Joplin I passed a van identical to mine, right down to the scratches on the shoulder. They had it parked at an angle so I would be sure and notice it. I realized they had put something in my van. I felt almost as though I was riding above the traffic. They had their act together. The odds of my vehicle being pulled over under these circumstances were slim to none. They had it well protected from being stopped. I thought about a few days before when Neil pointed out a red TransAm identical to Kathy's right down to the scratches. He asked me how many times had I been watching it, thinking it was Kathy's. These guys definitely had their act together.

When we got about 15 miles from the end of the turnpike, the four cars that had been riding with me all of the sudden backed off about half a mile behind me. I thought something is wrong. I used my cell phone to call the 800 number for the first time. The lady answered and said, "Operation," instead of Operation Breakthrough. I told her I had a message for Neil. "Operation Breakthrough was over," she replied, "You have the wrong number."

I figured I was being setup. Either they were going to stop me right after I passed the state line, or else around the weigh station.

As I got near the state line two other cars had caught up with me and were staying pretty close. About three or four miles from the end of the turnpike I saw a state patroll car sitting on the westbound shoulder. Right when you cross the Missouri state line there is an exit.  It takes a real short turn and goes into Kansas.  I kept driving normal.  As I came up on it I slammed on my brakes and took it all at once.  The other two cars hit their brakes but they were too late to catch the exit. One of them stopped on the shoulder just past it.  I took off down the road heading towards Baxter springs Kansas. After about five miles I noticed that there was a set of headlights coming up fast. I got off the highway and started going down a gravel road.  The car followed.  By the time I got to Baxter Springs I had three cars with me. I pulled into a station that was closed and pulled up to a drive up phone.  I called the 800 number and made my voice sound like a black person.  I said yea man I was broke down earlier around Oklahoma city and this guy, Neil from Anytime road service helped me out and told me to call him when I got up around Joplin. Could you tell him that I'll call his house in a little bit. Then I pulled out of the station before they could block me in. I started looking for a station that was open so I would be somewhere around other people. Chris Nelson called my cell phone and asked me to stop by.  He said he had some premo, (meaning good dope). I told him I was real busy right now but I would stop by in a little bit. I found an open station and hurried inside.  By now there were four or five vehicles outside.  Some of the people were wearing camouflage.  I bought some ammonia and bleach. I went outside of the store and set the ammonia and bleach on top of the pay phone for them to see.  Then an older blue stretched Cadillac pulled into the station.  It had dark windows so I could not see inside of it. I got on the phone and called Neil’s house.  When Neil answered, I ask him what the hell is going on? Neil laughed and said you have got something very important of Mr. ________ with you.  Why don't you come on out here?  I told him that I would be there in about 30 minutes. Then I got back into the van and sat for about 10 minutes.  Nobody was moving.  I got out of the van and went over to the stretched Cadillac Limo.  A guy in the back rolled down the window a few inches. I told him that I was heading to the ranch.  That's what people called Neil's place. He replied with, that would be good.  I got back into my van and pulled out.  Only two cars followed me out and did not seem to be pressuring me.  I had two pistols on me and three or four long guns loaded to the max lying in the floor of my van. It did not look like I had a way out as I drove down the dead end road to his place.  There were at least half a dozen cars with people in them on each side as I drove down the road.  If it was a trap I was intending on at least trying to take a few with me.  I pulled up to Neil's.  There were five or six noticeable vehicles around his place.  I saw the lights on in his shed and could see people moving around inside it. I got out of my van and walked to Neil's house.  He met me at the door and I went in.  He appeared to be the only one in there. He said the fire is burning hot and waiting for you and we are loosing darkness. It will be light soon. He noticed one of the guns on me.  As I was making sure it was readily available and was making sure to try and keep a little distance between us in case he tried to lunge toward me. He looked outside his open door and I noticed someone going towards my van.  He told me that I had something very important in my van that belonged to somebody. I said I figured that. It was pretty obvious. He showed me some store rain checks and spots from a newspaper and pointed out half  the phone number is here and the other half is here on the rain check, then did the same on the newspaper add. He then informed that Kathy needed to be taught a little lesson about writing things down. I asked what this was all about. He said lets just say someone in a very important position has an interest in your old lady. He said we are wasting darkness. Then he picked up a paper shredder and handed it to me and said shred all of these tag numbers you have been writing down. I suggest you go out and get them and get rid of them.  I said, “well, we have got a little problem there.” When I went up to Wyoming I was such a wreck that when I packed to come back I left the box that had all of them in it. Neil looked like I had just punched him in the jaw. He said, You have got to go get them and get rid of them.  I said obviously. He stepped outside for a minute then came back in. On the papers he had showed me he said for example this word Marlboro (mar) would be 627 then you forget about the rest and go down here for the other four numbers.  That is how a person knows who they were supposed to call.  I said,  “well I've got to get going. “  What are the odds of me being able to get out of here?  Neil said If I were you I would not stop by your house at all. I started towards the door.  I was surprised that no one had tried to stop me yet.  When I got outside of Neil's house I noticed that there was smoke or steam coming from a small circular spot in the ground about twenty feet to the northwest of his front door. I wondered if he had an underground room and it was a vent of some kind.

It was almost daylight when I got back in the van. Well, guess where I went?  I drove straight to the house.  Kathy was lying in the bed fully dressed and wide-awake.  I said, you might as well tell me the truth and quit lying. She said, I don't know what you are talking about. So I did not push it because I was just too tired to argue.  I laid next to her for about twenty minutes.  Then got in the van and drove to the shop on Wall for a few minutes before I drove over to Chris Nelson's house. He gave me a baggie with about half a gram of meth in it. I did not do any of it with him. I told him I was in kind of a hurry. As I was leaving, Cris said Kathy needs to be taught a lesson.  I said, “What do you mean by that?  He said. Nothing, I guess. I went back over to my house on Pennsylvania and Kathy was in the tub.  I ask her if she cared if I get in the tub with her.  She said, as long as you do not do no bitching. I climbed in It's a very deep tub and eazIly wide enough for two people. We snugeled  up a bit.  Then Kathy started to give me a hand job and then was careful to wash me off real good when she got done. This really took me by suprise. This was not like her at all.  In over twenty

two years of marrige she had never done that and then' washing   me off like that. It was just not her normal actions.  I got out of the tub and told Kathy  if there is something going on, you need to tell me. I have been hearing a lot of rumors. She said, I do not know what you are talking about. Someone must be messing with your head.  You can see I am just fine and nothings going on.  I have got to get ready for work. Someone is messing with me. I left the house and started towards the kids from Wyoming's trailer on the other side of Dunawig. Angle Hartman, Casey Jurid, Scot Osborn's son, and Joe. Before I got to twentieth and Range Line road I had about 8 cars in front of me and 5 or 6 following behind me.  As we approached the on ramp for I 44 on the other side of Duniwig every one of the cars put their right turn signals on.  As if they were going on the on ramp.  Only one or two got on the ramp.  I went on past  the on ramp and pulled into the camp sight where Angle, Casey, and Joe were staring in a trailer. I asked them if they had noticed anything strange going on.  Joe was gone. Angie said that they were being followed. She said that they tried to leave town.  But the car broke down before they could get to Baxter Springs. She said Joe had someone in his family send him a plain ticket.  Then Angie said, “Glen if you suspect something is going on, maybe you should go with your suspicions. That many hands all over you.  Yooo Yuck oh ugh.”  Then she shivered.  She said, “If you want to know who it is, it is everybody.”  I looked out the window and saw a guy with a climbing harness on about 30 feet in the air in the tree outside of their window and pointed him out to them. They said that someone had broke in and searched their trailer but didn't take anything.

Angie said, “ Maybe you had better go. Your going to find closed doors everywhere you go.”  I left there and drove to Cris Nelson's house.  I was being followed by at least a dozen cars.  I knocked on Cris's door. I could hear them in there but no one would answer.  I tried to call 4 or 5 different people on my cell phone but I did not get an answer. After I got back in my van and started driving, there were at least a dozen cars swarming around me.  I called Neil up and he answered and said, “Do your tires still have air in them?”  I said, “for the moment.” He said, “They probably wont for very much longer. I told you that you should not have stopped by your house.”  I was only a few blocks from the house, I thought that I had better get inside somewhere. I pulled up to the house and got out.  The cars started going around and around the block and down the alley.  I went inside the house and loaded up a couple more guns.  Then I started looking around in the house. I started noticing little notes here and there. The notes said stuff like Kim: police records, Manager: super 8 motel Carthage, Game warden Newton county, JPD Kron.  There was a bill from St. Johns hospital for $ 400 dollars for an emergency room visit at the end of November.  In the desk drawer there was a napkin with drops of blood on it.  I heard Trish Montz up stairs, the girl that rented the up stairs from us. So I went up there and asked her if she had noticed anything strange going on. She told me no.  I asked her where Brighton was (her son).  She told me she had not noticed anything and Brighton was at a sitters. I started looking in the closet of the room that we used for storage of our stuff. Trish was acting real nervous. I felt as if someone else might have been up there with her.  I asked her if anyone else was up there besides her.  She said, No. Then she vent into her bedroom.  I could hear her call someone on the phone.  She said, “He has a gun on him. Can I call the police?” I went back downstairs and told Trish on the way down I said tell Kathy that I stopped by.  I went out and got in the van.  There was a clothes hanger hanging on my doorknob of the van. I drove around about 8 or 10 blocks. The cars were all around me.  I quickly figured out that I did not stand much chance riding around with that many of them swarming around me.  So I drove back to the house. I parked the van out in front of the house.  I left the radio on.  It kept making annoying comments on it and playing songs going along with what was going on.  I would say something and they would answer me on the radio.  Neil had told me the night before that they could here a whisper over half a mile away. They kept driving around me. Five minutes then ten minutes went by.  I started writing down their license plate numbers. I could see that they did not like that at all.  But it did not seem to slow them down any at all.  Fifteen minutes went by.  I started to get aggravated and tried to think of something to do. The radio had said to call some numbers about ten times within the last ten minutes. After about ten minutes went by, I picked up my cell phone and dialed 911, but I did not push send. Suddenly I heard across the radio. {Abort, Shut down, Shut down} and the cars started to scatter. I said,  “Oh, Afraid of that are you?  Well thanks for letting me know that.” I then went on into the house. I dialed the the number that they kept giving me across the radio.  A guy answered and I said,  “How would you like to trade Cris for Kathy, and you had better make up your mind pretty quick. I had better see her within an hour. Then I called my sons house and there was no answer. I said out loud so they could hear me, “If I do not hear from someone within an hour,  I'm going to start dialing numbers.” About ten minutes went by and the phone rang. It was Debbie Jones. She asked me if I was all right and if I needed anything. “I just picked up some real good stuff,” she said. “You can come by and get it if you want.” I said,  “Maybe in a little while, I am waiting for Kathy to get home.”  She said that she would be waiting for me to come over. About five minutes' later, Cindy Thomas called me. She ask me if I was all right? I told her I was fine. She wanted to give me some dope to!  She even said she would bring it by if I wanted it. I told her that I was doing fine and that I did not need anything. I hung up and called J a friend of mine that drives trucks.  I told J if he did not hear from me within two days to call the F.B.I. Then I called my brother Bruce in Illinois and said the same thing to him and hung up. I said out loud, “Do you want me to keep calling numbers?”  Then the phone rang it was the renter from 804 1/2 Pennsylvania.  He said that he had put a couple of packages in the apartment across the hall. I told him if he saw Kathy tell her that she had better show up at the house within an hour because I needed to talk to her.  He said OK. A few minutes later the phone rang again. It was Tanya Jacobs; and she wanted to give me some meth to.  I had not done any meth for at least three days.  So I took what Cris had given me earlier and flushed it down the toilet.

Then I took a syringe from the medicine cabinet and flushed it down the toilet.  Then I took a syringe from the medicine cabinet and drew it full of my blood and hid it under the sink in the bathroom.  In case they did me like Cris Alexander had said they did Buffer who used to live in a trailer just off north main behind the V.F.W. a ways. Then the phone rang again. It was K C who lived south of flying J truck stop. (Amelia rd). He said that he had just finished up a batch and wanted to know if I wanted any. Then Cliff Hunt called trying to give me some meth too.  I had not heard from most of them in at least a month.  Now I hear from half a dozen of them all within an hour. Makes me wonder how many of them could have been involved. Then my son called and said that he had seen my number on his caller ID and asked what I had wanted. I told him that I wanted him to bring Mindy and the kids over  as soon as he could.  He said that Mindy was at work and the kids were at the sitters.  I said that as soon as they get there to bring them over. I picked up the phone and called somebody else and told them that if I did not call them back within a couple of days then to call the F.B.I. It was not long after that Kathy called from my sons and asked what I needed. I said that I wanted her and Buddy and the kids to come over to the house. She said that she would be over within an hour. A little bit later Kathy and Buddy showed up.  I asked where Mindy and the kids were.  He said that they were at the house. I told him to call Mindy and have her bring them over. He said that Mindy's sister was coming to town and she had to wait for her. Kathy said that nothing was going on.  Someone was just messing with me but her eyes told a different story.

Buddy said that he had to get back home. I told him that if he was going back home. Then I wanted him to call at least four of his friends over and if anything at all happened then I wanted them to go both directions up and down the street and have the neighbors to call the F.B.I, in different states.  Kathy said that she had to stop somewhere and she would be right back.  I said, “I would feel a lot better if you two would stay here and have someone bring Mindy and the kids over and we could all go up to Quincy for the weekend.”  My thought was that if we would leave with at least three vehicles and if anyone tried to stop us, then we could just stop on I 44 and shut the interstate down.  They would be trapped in traffic behind us with nowhere to go and within fifteen or twenty minutes there would be news helicopters from cities all over show up to check out the traffic jam.  Kathy was acting real nervous and said, “I hope you know what your doing.” I knew exactly what I intended to do.  She left and came back by herself and said that Mindy and the kids were not going anywhere. Then she started saying out loud where my guns were located and weather or not she thought they were loaded.  Then my brother Butch from Quincy called and said he could guarantee me that I would be safe for the night, if I did exactly what He said to do. He told me to shut off my cell phone, lock the door, go into the bedroom and go to sleep and that no one would bother me if I did exactly as he said. Kathy said she was not staying at the house with me and she left.  I looked out the window and saw someone standing at the corner of the Williams house across the street, (Dian Williams). When they saw me looking, they backed out of sight.

I find out later who it was Dian Williams was. I met her through Cris a couple of months later.  Mrs. Williams’s son works for the animal control in Joplin.  At the front of her house above the porch, the attic vent was opened.  Which could have been a perfect place for a shot to come from. At the house to the south where two girls had recently moved in the up stairs windows were open. I turned out all the lights in the house and laid down between the coffee table and the couch. About thirty minutes later, two cops showed up at the front door and tried to open it. They pushed on it trying to push there way in the house. I had that door in solid. It was not going to be pushed in very easily.  They did not knock or anything. I hollered out, “Get away from that door or I'm going to blow your head off!” They pushed the door again.  I hollered back, “I am not going to repeat myself, I will blow you right back out that door.” They hesitated for a minute, then left.  I waited a while thinking that I could not believe that more cops did not show up.  The traffic outside kept up and there were people on foot.  I said out loud, “I suggest you people back off!”  I called Neil's and told him that if they didn't back off I was going to start making phone calls and they would be sorry. Well the traffic kept up.  So I called the police station and said, “Maybe you all ought to go check out the meth labs at 1402 Moffett or the lab at the end of Elm road or the one on Amelia road right off of Rain Miller road. I told them that I saw them personally within the last twenty-four hours.” Then I hung up and listened for sirens. But I did not hear any.  I started hiding the numbers and such around the house.

Then I worked my way into the bedroom and locked the door because I thought I heard someone upstairs. I laid down beside the bed and away from the window.  The phone rang three or four times but I would not answer it because I figured it would give my location up.   Someone shined a light under the bedroom door. By the angle that it was shining I could tell that they had to be inside the house in the dining room. I picked up the phone and dialed 911.  When I heard an answer I hung up. A couple minutes later the phone rang back and said it was a 911 operator on the answering machine.  I did not answer in fear of giving my location away. Then I heard someone run out of the house.  A few minutes later I thought I saw a light go across the bedroom window.  So I figured that someone must have shown up but about twenty minutes later I could hear someone in the house again. So I dialed 911 again. Nothing happened so I tried it several more times. The phone would ring back. But I never heard anyone knock on the door or ring the bell. I remembered Butch saying to shut off the cell phone and to not use it no matter what.  So I turned it on and dialed the 800 number for customer service. When a lady answered, I said, “911.” She said, “I am an AT & T operator in Dallas Texas and I do not know what I can do for you in Missouri.” I said, “The first chance you get, could you do me a favor? Call the F.B.I and tell them to follow this phone number and check all numbers made to or from it.  There is a major drug ring here and there is white slavery involved.” She said that she would call the first thing in the morning.  As shook up as she sounded I thought that she might be lying. I could still hear them in the house.  I figured that they had enough warnings so I shot a hole with the 357 magnum threw the wall. That quieted them down for a little while. Before the night was over I had called 911 over 75 times and shot over half a dozen holes in the room threw the walls. The next morning when daylight came, I opened the door and went out. There was a flattened out shell lying on the coffee table. I started looking at the bullet holes. I could see where they went threw the bedroom wall and into the wall across from each hole. All except one, it just went threw the bedroom wall and apparently did not make it to the other wall. Apparently something or hopefully someone stopped it. I looked at the birdcage and noticed that where his swing sits there was a hole on both sides of it.  I could not have missed him by more than an inch. I thought that was lucky for him and apparently my aim at the noise was pretty good. I called my son up and told him to bring my 30-06 rifle and some shells over. About fifteen minutes later he showed up and he had parked a few houses away and came walking up the street with the rifle and a couple of boxes of shells and walked right in. I thought it was very strange that he could come walking up with a rifle and shells with no one stopping him after last night. I talked to Neil on the phone and said, I may have been in the wrong but so were they. I would get charged up and check myself into a rehab to discredit any calls that I might of made if they would do something to right their wrongs.  He said, “That may be a good idea and that I should not worry a whole lot about the phone calls and that it would be interesting to see my phone bill when it came in.  He said that there were some Christmas presents out there waiting for me. He told me to read the paper through and through. I saw an add in there under coffee talk that said someone had been bitten by a python and killed but they were going to investigate it because a python does not bite it puts the squeeze on it's victims.  Later when the phone bill had come in, there was not a single long distance call on the bill from that night and I had made several. I bet the people that I had called and they called me back that day have them on their bill for records. Neil told me that when they cross the wires on the phone line you still get a dial tone and dial out, but they could intercept them somehow.  He said my calls were going through a van that was parked outside.  I wondered what the bills on the other end read.  I did not mention the cell phone to him because they had said to shut it off.  So I hoped that the call got out on it to a real operator. When someone goes to screw you over if you pay attention between the lines you can tell almost everything they are afraid of. For example, do not write anything down no names or numbers, no tag numbers, do not call anyone, do not try to contact the F.B.I, and do not keep any records.  Usually when they say do exactly what we say and you will not be hurt, it usually means the exact opposite. So I went to Radio Shack and Wal-Mart and hooked up a camera in my van within the next couple of weeks.  Because I was being followed 24 hours a day or watched 7 days a week. 

After that night at the house I went over to the building on wall because it was pretty secure to me. After a couple of hours Barney (Chicken) stopped by. He said, “something strange is going on. The other night (talking about the night I came back from Ok), there were nine fire trucks out at Nell's place on Gum Drive and there has not been anything about it in the paper, the news, on the radio or anything.  One truck I could understand but nine.  If it would have been a small fire I could understand but this must of been big to have nine trucks out there. I heard that it almost got completely out of control out there.” I said, “I believe it did almost get completely out of hand out there the other night. There is crazy shit happening all over town and I pointed out the people that were sitting in the cars outside the shop.” I drove back to Oklahoma City a couple days later to check on my mom.  I was followed all the way down. On the way back I had five or six cars with me all the way.  On the turnpike I stopped to use the bathroom. When I turned off onto the off ramp, four cars turned off with me. When I went to go to the bathroom a guy followed me in. So I went to a stall instead of the urinals. The guy that followed me in there went to the stall next to me.  I took out my pistol and just sat there and waited to see if he was going to try and come in or leave.  After about ten minutes I knew that I was going to have to do something.  The guy next to me was not moving. When I got up I then heard the guy in the stall next to me start moving. Luckily the door on the stall opened to the outside, so when I opened the door the guy next to me came out and the door was between him and me.  I looked towards the urinals and there were two guys standing at them. I could tell they were not going to the bathroom because their hands were in the wrong place.  I stepped like I was going to the sink to wash my hands. Then all at once I darted out the door.  As soon as I stepped out the door I noticed that there was a man standing on each side of the door with a phone in one hand and stopping a guy from going into the bathroom with his other hand and saying sorry the bathroom is closed. I hurried out and got into my van and drove on to Joplin.  They followed me all the way. I stopped by Debbie Jones’s house and she had a few friends over.  Several cars kept driving around and around the block while I was there.  They would stop for a second in front of her house or just tap their brakes a couple of times to slow down.  The street that Debbie lives on is only two blocks long with only two houses on her side of the block and the other side has only about six houses.  A couple of the ones following me lived in a couple of these houses. Normally you might see one car every thirty minutes or so.  Debbie and her friends kept laughing saying; Glen who did you piss off? I said I wish I knew.  I thought it was strange that they were not acting scared half to death or at least a lot more concerned with all that happening outside and how they knew it was me that they were after.  I left and either went to the house on Pennsylvania or the shop on wall. It was the same thing over there.  They followed me and drove around and around the block.

The next day Kathy said that she had to go to JC Penny’s at the mall.  I told her I would go with her. She kept trying to talk me out of it, but finally gave in and said ok.  When we got to JC Penny’s she went straight to the lingerie department. I followed her.  Immediately I noticed that there were about 3 guys standing around the woman’s longer department. This was very unusual.  She soon decided to go without buying anything. We were followed all the way back to the house. I pointed out that we were being followed and she said that no one was following us.  We pulled up to the house and I told her to just sit here for a little bit and see how many of them just go around and around the block.  I picked up a pen and paper and started to write down their license plate numbers. Kathy started to panic and said, “Don't write down anybody’s tag numbers with me in here!” She jumped out and ran into the house. I thought if she did not think anyone was following us, then why did she panic and run as soon as you saw me pick up a pen and paper.


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